There are many different names that are used to describe the different grades of copper that can be sold to make money.

copper domestic

Copper Domestic is one of the most common types of copper, usually collected by plumbers and the general public. It mainly comprises of copper piping & brass fittings such as taps, elbows and other attachments. It must not contain any steel, aluminium or stainless.

copper number 1

Copper Number 1 comprises bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper – free from attachments. This can range from piping, sheet, rod and in some cases copper cable.

copper number 2

Copper Number 2 is usually copper with impurities such as solder joins, paint and or tar. It can also include copper windings from electric motors and transformers that may also include impurities.

Copper insulated cable

Copper insulated cable is a copper wire coated in a plastic sheath. A very common product, it is found in electrical wiring, household appliances, power cables and computing cables to name a few.

Copper Bright & Shiny

Copper Bright and Shiny is one of the highest valued copper grades. Mostly it is found by stripping tany plastic insulation from the outside of copper cables. It must not have any impurities like lacquer or adhesive on the surface.

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