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Do you have scrap metal to recycle in Perth? We can help. Booking a scrap metal bin for your location is a profitable and efficient method to dispose of scrap metal – making you money while helping the environment by recycling.

Metal that ends up in landfill not only is harmful to our waterways and soil – it also costs you money to dispose of!

As leading Perth metal recyclers, we can assist by recycling your scrap metal. We offer free bin delivery and pick up to and from your site with a variety of bin sizes available to suit your needs.

When the bin is collected from your premises, we will weigh the load and pay the amount owing to you the same day. Payment will be by your choice of cheque or bank transfer.

To book a bin now, call us on 08 9271 3460 or contact us using the form below.


WE will arrange a scrap metal bin for your business for either a one-off pick up or for regular collection.

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